Weird Indiana laws- These rules are on the books in 2021

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Indiana corporations can't microchip their employees. People who tin provide evidence they prayed for a babelike child, instead of seeking aesculapian care, whitethorn evade transgression charges successful cases of neglect.

Those are conscionable 2 examples of the funny laws not lone connected the books but active in Indiana. They adhd to a database of different eyebrow-raisers passed by the Indiana General Assembly.

It's amerciable to food with your hands

If you're sportfishing successful state-owned waters, bash not pluck the food retired by hand. It's illegal.

Nor tin you sprout food with a firearm oregon usage dynamite — unless you get a peculiar permit.

Harsher rioting penalties, a caller authorities snack: These caller Indiana laws went into effect July 1

You request authorities support to execute a number of less-conventional forms of fishing, leaving the classical pole-and-line method arsenic the 1 with the slightest fig of bureaucratic hurdles.

Fishing with your hands is known arsenic "noodling." It's a method utilized for catfish and snapping turtles. 

Happy Hour is illegal

All-day portion specials successful Indiana aren't a coincidence. They're the lone enactment disposable to bars and restaurants that privation to entice customers with deals.

Happy hr is amerciable successful Indiana. Retailers indispensable merchantability drinks astatine the aforesaid terms passim the day. It's been similar that for 36 years.

Some legislators person tried to alteration the restriction, but without luck. The law, which was intended to trim drunkenness among barroom patrons, remains successful effect. 

“We did what we intended to do, which was to forestall radical from drinking excessively during a abbreviated play of time," the law's sponsor, Rep. Eric Turner of Gas City told IndyStar successful December 1985. "That is moving retired exceedingly well.”

Corporations can't microchip employees

In 2020 Indiana made it amerciable for employers to necessitate microchips for their employees. This year, they added an amendment to the instrumentality specifying that employers means everyone from individuals to corporations that person astatine slightest 1 worker moving nether them.

Companies can't unit employees to implant, inject, ingest, inhale "or different incorporate" devices into their bodies, the instrumentality says

Three Square Market, a Wisconsin-based vending instrumentality company, made headlines successful 2017 erstwhile it announced it was giving employees the enactment to person a microchip. That spot allowed them to unfastened doors, bargain nutrient and entree computers, according to the BBC.

Prayer is connected par with medicine

It's a felony for idiosyncratic to "knowingly oregon intentionally" not instrumentality care of their dependent kid successful Indiana. But they may beryllium disconnected the hook if they prayed for the child, alternatively of providing aesculapian attention. 

That statement tin clasp up successful court, according to Indiana law. "It is simply a defence that the accused person, successful the morganatic signifier of the person's spiritual belief, provided attraction by spiritual means done prayer, successful lieu of aesculapian care, to the person's babelike child," the instrumentality says

No restrictions connected worship: Indiana Senate OKs measure prohibiting exigency restrictions connected spiritual services

As its substance suggests, the instrumentality is meant to support spiritual beliefs. It's part of an Indiana codification conception entitled "Offenses Against the Family," which lays retired the varying situations successful which idiosyncratic tin look transgression charges for familial neglect.

State-certified eyelash extensions

Eyelash hold providers must complete acquisition oregon grooming approved by the Indiana State Department of Health earlier they tin work, according to a instrumentality passed this year

The authorities volition laic retired rules governing that grooming by January 2022. The message: eyelash extensions are a authorities affair.

While it sounds comical, the signifier does necessitate precision and sanitary care. Eyelash hold providers usage crisp instruments incredibly adjacent to the person's eyes. Eyes are besides a portal into the assemblage for viruses — a information apt connected the caput of Indiana legislators pursuing the COVID-19 pandemic.

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