W. Jay Abbott, former Indianapolis FBI head, criticized in report

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Corrections & Clarifications: An earlier mentation of this communicative incorrectly attributed a 2017 draught of a unfortunate interrogation summary. The Office of the Inspector General recovered that the summary, drafted by an unnamed official, "contained materially mendacious statements and omitted worldly information."

In a Department of Justice Inspector General report blasting the FBI's handling of intersexual maltreatment allegations against longtime USA Gymnastics squad doc Larry Nassar, overmuch of the disapproval landed astatine the feet of erstwhile FBI Indianapolis Special Agent successful Charge W. Jay Abbott.

The study recovered that "senior officials successful the FBI Indianapolis Field Office failed to respond to allegations of intersexual maltreatment of athletes" by Nassar "with the urgency that the allegations required."

Talking specifically astir Abbott, the study concluded that helium made mendacious statements to investigators and "violated FBI argumentation and exercised highly mediocre judgement nether national morals rules."

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Who is W. Jay Abbott? 

Abbott retired from the FBI successful January 2018.

Abbott spent 30 years with the agency, according to a quality release announcing his retirement. He was named peculiar cause successful charge to the Indianapolis tract bureau connected July 8, 2014. As the peculiar cause successful charge, Abbott was the highest-ranking authoritative successful the Indianapolis tract office.

Prior to Indianapolis, Abbott served arsenic the acting peculiar cause successful complaint of the FBI's Seattle office. He started his vocation with the FBI successful 1987 astatine the Washington tract office, wherever helium worked "a assortment of overseas counterintelligence and planetary coercion matters." He was besides a portion of the FBI’s archetypal Cold Case Homicide Task Force, according to the status release.

DOJ connected Larry Nassar case: Indianapolis FBI made 'fundamental errors'

What is W. Jay Abbott accused of successful the handling of the Nassar case?

The study recovered Abbott lied astir the Indianapolis tract office's handling of the Nassar allegations. According to the report, Abbott claimed to person communicated with the FBI Detroit and Los Angeles tract offices astir the allegations, but some offices denied immoderate specified conversations.

"... adjacent aft being told that his grounds was inconsistent with the grounds of different witnesses and the records we reviewed, Abbott continued to importune that his recollection was close and denied that determination was immoderate crushed helium would person a faulty memory."

The study besides recovered Abbott violated FBI policy when helium communicated with then-USA Gymnastics President Stephen Penny Jr. astir a imaginable occupation accidental with the U.S. Olympic Committee.

"Abbott communicated with Penny astir the imaginable occupation accidental portion the 2 continued to sermon the allegations against Nassar and portion Abbott took an progressive relation successful conversations astir the FBI’s nationalist statements regarding USA Gymnastics’ handling of those allegations," the study reads.

The Inspector General probe recovered Abbott and Penny met astatine a barroom successful the autumn of 2015 to sermon the occupation accidental adjacent arsenic the Nassar probe was pending. 

"These discussions included Penny expressing interest to Abbott astir however USA Gymnastics was being portrayed successful the media and whether Penny mightiness beryllium 'in trouble' and Abbott proposing to his colleagues an FBI nationalist connection that would spot USA Gymnastics successful a affirmative light. At the aforesaid time, Abbott was alert that Penny appeared consenting to enactment successful a bully connection connected Abbott’s behalf."

Abbott applied for the position successful 2017 but was not interviewed oregon hired. Abbott denied applying for the occupation contempt grounds to the contrary, according to the Inspector General's report. 

IndyStar attempts to scope Abbott connected Wednesday were unsuccessful, but a law steadfast representing him issued a statement: “Mr. Abbott has received and reviewed a transcript of the report. Mr. Abbott acknowledgment the instrumentality enforcement officers and prosecutors who brought Larry Nassar to justice. Mr. Abbott hopes the courageous victims of Nassar’s horrible transgression find peace.”

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