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Sunday's unfastened location is your accidental to spot it.

Woollen Trulli house

The Evans Woollen–designed trulli house

An architecture professional erstwhile described the peaked roofs of this northside location arsenic “little pointy hats.” The due word is simply a trulli house, a benignant seen successful the Puglia portion of Italy. There, the circular homes with cone roofs are elemental one-room structures, often with a ungraded floor, and galore are 400 years old. But this one, halfway betwixt Glendale and The Fashion Mall, is thoroughly Americanized with 3,000 quadrate feet, 4 bedrooms, 2 afloat bathrooms, and parquet floors—all connected a large country batch connected a dead-end thoroughfare successful desirable Washington Township. It is present for merchantability for the archetypal clip ever.

The drawback is that you person to conquer the antithetic winding level program and (probably) adhd a garage. The bigger of the 2 “circles,” arsenic the homeowner calls the conjoined huts—and the seller is the archetypal owner—contains the communal surviving spaces and the main chamber suite. The level program uncoils astir a ample cylindrical enactment structure—entry to surviving country to room to chamber nether a 24-foot ceiling. There’s besides a semi-open den niched retired successful the halfway with a fireplace (pictured below) and a spacious loft that overlooks the main level and is suitable for an office, hobby area, gym, a speechmaking room, oregon a larger (albeit open) main bedroom. You’d request to prosecute movers to hoist the furnishings implicit the wall. It isn’t going up the spiral staircase.

Woollen Trulli house

The main surviving abstraction and den successful the larger hut astatine the Evans Woollen–designed trulli housePhoto by Threesixty Indy

The smaller “circle” is attached yet feels wholly separate. It has a much accepted level program with a communal space, 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, a laundry room, and different spiral staircase starring to a bonus space. It’s a cleanable setup for teenagers and guests arsenic agelong arsenic they admit the archetypal terrazzo floors. Airbnb renters would emotion it.

Woollen Trulli location   tiny  circle

The smaller hut astatine the Evans Woollen–designed trulli location has an archetypal terrazzo floor.Photo by Threesixty Indy

Though thoroughly livable and flooded with earthy light, the architectural pedigree is decidedly portion of the appeal. It’s an Evans Woollen home, designed successful 1962 earlier helium became Indy’s astir well-known architect. A young mates came to him half-heartedly wanting a ranch, but Woollen, who was conscionable starting out, convinced them to experiment—he aboriginal wondered if helium had made a mistake successful pushing his whim connected impressionable clients. None of his different homes successful Indy are this unconventional.

But the clients loved the location and raised 5 children there, and it was heralded with a diagnostic successful House Beautiful. The lawsuit has been the lone proprietor and is the seller, letting spell of a landmark that has been lovingly updated and maintained. Their 60 blessed years successful the circles is impervious of concept, too—the antithetic plan tin work. Two circles were plentifulness for a household of seven, and the large ellipse made an perfect bare nest successful caller years portion the tiny ellipse was the impermanent space. The immense gait has plentifulness of imaginable for adding outdoor living.

You mightiness telephone it trulli special. See level plans and instrumentality a 3-D circuit on the broker’s website.


Address: 6808 N. Sherman Dr.

Open house: Sunday, July 11, 2–4 p.m.

List price: $599,000

Listing agent: G.B. Landrigan and Co., Realtors, 317-255-0255

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