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The continued question for Tennessee’s shot programme extended to the enactment unit connected Wednesday. FootballScoop is reporting that Tennessee’s Director of Recruiting, Dre Brown, is taking a akin presumption with Notre Dame football.

Brown is simply a erstwhile Illinois moving back, hired by Josh Heupel backmost successful the outpouring acknowledgment to his narration with Tennessee’s violative coordinator Alex Golesh. Brown conscionable graduated successful 2019, truthful his accelerated emergence successful the organizational ranks is impressive.

Technically, Brown is taking a flimsy demotion. His occupation rubric astatine Tennessee was Director of Recruiting, whereas his occupation astatine Notre Dame volition beryllium arsenic an violative analyst/recruiting assistant. It’s apt that Notre Dame offered him a wage raise, oregon offered a wide way to an on-field coaching role. It should spell without saying that Notre Dame is besides a much charismatic occupation than Tennessee astatine the moment.

This is simply a stroke to Tennessee—albeit not 1 that’s long-lasting. Recruiting coordinators person a much clerical relation than fans think, and they’re not truly the quality successful a player’s recruitment. Still, a atrocious recruiting coordinator is simply a resistance connected the effort, and tin negatively interaction an organization. Whoever Heupel hires adjacent volition person to deed the crushed moving and prime up wherever Brown near off.

The bully quality is recruiting is presently successful a dormant play until the extremity of July. Coaching staffs are not allowed to marque successful idiosyncratic contact, and cannot signifier immoderate visits. Those are typically the areas wherever a recruiting coordinator has the astir impact. If I had to wager, Brown was presented the accidental with Notre Dame a portion back, but elected to hold until the dormant play to officially leave. It’s a much respectful mode to permission a coaching staff.

Expect a replacement prosecute to beryllium made earlier August arrives. The adjacent mates of weeks mightiness beryllium slow, but recruiting is simply a never-ending marathon.

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