State reports slight increase in Indiana abortions for 2020

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The fig of abortions performed successful Indiana grew somewhat past year, with a caller authorities study showing that drug-induced abortions made up a bulk of the procedures for the archetypal time.

The annual report from the authorities wellness section shows that the fig of abortions successful Indiana grew by 119, oregon 1.6%, to 7,756 during 2020. That accrued fig remained beneath the immoderate 8,000 performed successful 2018, Indiana’s highest fig since 2014.

Drug-induced abortions represented 55% of Indiana’s total, up from 44% during 2019 and astir treble the state’s complaint from 2016.

Indiana’s Republican-dominated Legislature passed a instrumentality this year aimed astatine requiring doctors to archer women undergoing specified abortions astir a disputed “abortion reversal” attraction for perchance stopping the process. That law, however, was blocked by a national judge just earlier it was acceptable to instrumentality effect July 1.

Indiana recorded astir 79,000 unrecorded births past year.

Indiana Right to Life President Mike Fichter blamed the termination summation connected respective anti-abortion laws passed by authorities legislators being blocked by national courts.

Planned Parenthood spokeswoman Nicole Erwin said the COVID-19 pandemic added unit to galore women facing unintended pregnancies and that making contraception much accessible and affordable was the champion mode to trim specified pregnancies.

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