Shaw makes sure his team ends on right side of result: Kaif

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By Vishesh RoyNew Delhi [India], July 15 (ANI): Having observed him from adjacent quarters successful the Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise Delhi Capitals, erstwhile India batsman Mohammad Kaif believes that opening batsman Prithvi Shaw has it successful him to marque it large successful planetary cricket.

Shaw volition beryllium seen successful enactment successful the upcoming limited-overs bid against Sri Lanka. India and hosts Sri Lanka volition fastener horns successful 3 ODIs and 3 T20Is, opening July 18.

Ahead of the series, successful a free-wheeling chat with ANI, Kaif spoke astir the anticipation helium has from Shaw, however caput manager Rahul Dravid would person a calming power connected the radical and however helium would similar to spot Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal operating successful unison.

"Prithvi Shaw showed bully signifier successful the IPL, each large subordinate has a test, erstwhile you person that form, the situation is to marque afloat usage of that form. Shaw had a bully home play and IPL, if helium plays good successful Sri Lanka and the remaining matches of the IPL, past helium tin marque a lawsuit for himself to beryllium included successful the T20 World Cup squad. There is competition, Prithvi needs to play large knocks. I person nary uncertainty that Shaw has the quality to play good and if helium plays well, past helium makes definite that his squad ends connected the close broadside of the result. Prithvi Shaw plays impactful knocks, we person to spot however helium plays successful Sri Lanka," said Kaif.

Talking astir the rotation duo of Kuldeep and Chahal, Kaif said: "Kuldeep and Chahal should play each the matches, but you besides request to look astatine the equilibrium of the side. Coach and skipper request to person the close balance, if you play 3 pacers and Kuldeep-Chahal, past determination is an lack of an all-rounder. Yes, if you play six batters, past Kuldeep and Chahal should play each the matches.""Both Kuldeep and Chahal person performed good together, but Kuldeep has not been getting the support. People are saying that his signifier is not upto the people oregon his assemblage connection is bad, for maine these things bash not matter. He is simply a talented bowler, the skipper and manager should backmost him. You bash not get a chinaman successful each market, if you person that bowler, past you request to look aft him and Rahul Dravid knows however to bash that," helium added.

Over the past fewer years, Sri Lanka Cricket has gone downhill and successful the latest, the broadside failed to registry adjacent a azygous triumph connected their circuit of England. Off the field, determination were issues, arsenic 3 players -- Kusal Mendis, Dhanushka Gunathilake and Niroshan Dickwella -- broke the bio-bubble successful the UK and they were sent home. The trio has present been suspended and SLC has launched an enquiry into the issue.

"As a cricket fan, I conscionable privation to spot a bully game. If I instrumentality retired 5-6 hours, I privation to bask a bully cricket match. If you look astatine satellite cricket, the teams person gotten weaker, they person not go stronger. Be it Zimbabwe, South Africa, Sri Lanka. Pakistan is besides going done a atrocious phase, they utilized to person superb players earlier. You talked astir Sri Lanka, erstwhile upon a clip they had superb players. It is disappointing to spot arsenic a fan. Australia is besides not arsenic beardown arsenic it utilized to beryllium earlier. As a fan, I americium saddened to spot this situation," said Kaif.

Talking astir what could beryllium connected connection successful the upcoming series, Kaif said: "All players should absorption connected this Sri Lanka series. You cannot instrumentality your oculus disconnected the ball, and Rahul Dravid volition guarantee that this does not happen. He volition support telling the players to springiness their champion and helium volition play the champion imaginable XI. Many radical are saying that everyone volition get a accidental successful the series, but I conjecture the champion XI players they person successful their ranks volition play each the matches."All our players person been selected connected the ground of their show successful the IPL. If you bash good successful the IPL, that proves you tin play astatine the planetary level arsenic well. Anybody who comes retired of the IPL, volition bash well. We person selected a bully squad for the Sri Lanka series. All the players cognize the value of each match," helium added.

The archetypal ODI betwixt India and Sri Lanka tin beryllium seen unrecorded connected July 18 connected SONY TEN 1 and SONY SIX successful English from 3 p.m. IST. (ANI)

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