Position Breakdown: A Mix Of Youth And Experience At Offensive Line

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Zach Selby

We are days distant from grooming camp, and determination are plentifulness of caller faces gracing the Washington Football Team's roster. So Washingtonfootball.com is breaking down each presumption arsenic the squad prepares for Year 2 of Ron Rivera's regime. Here are the positions we've covered truthful far:

Running back Defensive line Wide receiver Linebackers Safeties Cornerback

Now it's clip to dive into the violative line. The near broadside of the radical was 1 of much discussed competitions during past year's grooming camp, and adjacent though Geron Christian and Wes Martin emerged arsenic the Week 1 starters, determination was a rotating radical astatine some spots for overmuch of the season.

Eventually, Cornelius Lucas and Wes Schweitzer became the starting near tackle and guard, and that resulted successful much consistency up front. It was during this clip that Antonio Gibson had immoderate of his champion games, and Alex Smith was protected capable to assistance Washington triumph 5 of its past 7 games.

The violative enactment has much acquisition unneurotic this year, but questions inactive remain. Chase Roullier and Brandon Scherff stay connected the roster, but the close tackle spot is up for grabs astatine Morgan Moses' departure. The summation and instrumentality of respective players points to the presumption arsenic good arsenic others to beryllium contested implicit grooming camp.


Morgan Moses


Sam Cosmi Charles Leno Jr. Ereck Flowers

Key Storylines

-- Where does Saahdiq Charles fit?: Charles' rookie play was reduced to 2 snaps due to the fact that of injuries successful grooming campy and the regular season, but present he's connected way to being acceptable for Week 1. Offensive enactment adjunct manager Travelle Wharton said Charles has the spot to play astatine defender and the quickness to play astatine tackle, which is wherefore helium was astatine some positions during OTAs and minicamp. Charles doesn't person a penchant connected wherever helium plays, but that isn't stopping fans from speculating. Either way, they tin expect Charles to amusement disconnected the skills that his coaches praised past year.

"I wouldn't accidental I'm the aforesaid player," Charles said, "but I inactive person things from my crippled from the past clip you guys saw me. And I've added immoderate caller things now."

-- Pro Bowl acquisition astatine tackle: Having established starters similar Leno deed the unfastened marketplace precocious successful the offseason is simply a uncommon occurrence, and it makes consciousness wherefore Washington was speedy to swoop successful and drawback him. Leno has started each crippled since Week 4 of the 2015 play and hardly missed immoderate clip during that span. He enactment up immoderate of his champion numbers successful 2018 -- a 75.7 wide people that included a 79.2 pass-blocking grade, according to Pro Football Focus -- which helped him a Pro Bowl ballot that season. It's much extent connected the violative line, which is thing Rivera has proven helium loves to person connected his roster.

"Having different feline that has been a precise durable, seasoned player," Rivera said. "I conscionable don't deliberation you tin person capable prime violative enactment depth. Last twelvemonth we were precise fortunate and astatine 1 constituent including the signifier squad guys, we had 16 violative linemen. We had 10 guys that were progressive and six connected the signifier squad and I conscionable felt that that was a large positive for us."

-- All the endowment astatine near guard: Tackle isn't the lone presumption connected the violative enactment that has aggregate players competing for a starting job. Left defender is different spot that could beryllium battled implicit passim camp. Schweitzer was named the full-time starter successful Week 7 and had the champion PFF wide people of his career. Martin present has much starting experience, and the squad brought backmost Flowers via commercialized aft having 1 of his amended seasons arsenic a defender for Washington successful 2019. Charles has besides been spending immoderate clip determination arsenic well, truthful it's wide Rivera wants to guarantee helium has the close idiosyncratic successful the role.

"I deliberation that's a precise competitory position," Rivera said. "I similar what we are getting from Wes [Schweitzer] and Ereck [Flowers Sr.] astatine the near defender presumption ... it's a bully substance of young and seasoned players that are truly processing and helping solidify your violative enactment for us."

What To Watch

-- The maturation of Cosmi: The rookie from Texas made an contiguous content moving retired with Brandon Scherff, who was truthful impressed helium said, "Holy s*, where'd you travel from?" That doesn't warrant him a starting job, but it does amusement helium has the spot to play astatine the nonrecreational level.

With that being said, Cosmi volition person conscionable arsenic overmuch an accidental to gain a spot among the starting 5 linemen arsenic everyone else. He lone allowed 1 backmost deed successful his last play with the Longhorns and was the champion pass-blocking tackle successful the Big 12. Cosmi has the resume, truthful Rivera's strategy is simple: enactment him astatine near tackle and spot however helium does.

"That's what helium did successful college, and helium played it precise good successful college," Rivera said. "That's wherefore we deliberation he's a truly bully prime for america due to the fact that of what helium does. He's going to get an accidental to vie for us, and we'll spot however helium does."

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