Over 500 swimmers contend at Evansville City Swim Meet

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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - A large yearly swimming contention deed this play successful Evansville

More than 500 swimmers competed astatine Mosby Pool successful the 2021 City Swim Meet.

Competitors ranged from arsenic young arsenic 4 years aged to each the mode up to 65 years old.

Each swimmer represented 1 of the 5 metropolis excavation teams.

14 News spoke with immoderate of the swimmers who emotion the camaraderie and the competition.

“It’s a blast erstwhile you’re an aged person, right? It’s a batch of amusive to person each the aged radical trying to get retired and bash the champion that they can,” Robbie Trame, 1 of the swimmers astatine the conscionable said. “Same with the kids, right? It’s evidently for the kids, but I deliberation the aged radical bask it too. Everybody’s retired present having fun, which is the biggest constituent of it, but everybody’s besides competitory too.”

“It’s truly fun,” Audra Schlachter, a subordinate of the Howell Pool swimming squad said. “It’s similar truly competitive, and similar I truly emotion being astir my friends the full time. I cheer connected everyone that’s here. It doesn’t substance what squad they’re on.”

Lorraine Pool took apical honors successful the last squad standings with a people of 738.

Howell Pool finished successful 2nd spot with 730.5 and Helfrich Pool had 419.

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