New DUI law change in Indiana involves marijuana and being behind the wheel

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TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) - Several caller laws conscionable became effectual this period successful Indiana. One of them updates the argumentation connected marijuana and driving.

Before July 1st if you utilized marijuana and a week aboriginal you got successful a car wreck, and you weren't astatine fault, you could've faced felony charges.

Indiana Senate Bill 201 changes that.

Medical experts accidental that you're nary longer impaired respective days aft weed consumption, adjacent though it remains successful your system.

The instrumentality was implemented to assistance support Hoosiers who get successful a no-fault crash, but inactive person marijuana successful their blood.

By authorities law, aft each superior crashes successful Indiana, drivers person to taxable a humor draw.

"I deliberation it benignant of sets a line connected what that level is and if it's thing little than that it wouldn't beryllium a chargeable offense," Vigo County Sheriff John Plasse said.

Recreational marijuana is inactive amerciable successful Indiana.

The large happening to enactment astir this instrumentality alteration is that it's lone a defendable complaint if you're not astatine responsibility for the clang and if you amusement zero signs of impairment from marijuana.

It's not applicable for different drugs oregon for alcohol.

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