Michiana's Menu- Rise n' Roll Bakery, THE Indiana staple!

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MIDDLEBURY, Ind. -- Welcome to Rise'n Roll! The bakery that puts “to – go” orders to the test.

“We arsenic a nine are thrust thru oriented and accelerated pace, you tin inactive bash that, we are handling the dilatory paced for you, we arsenic a bakery, we are inactive doing it slow,” says Chief Operating Officer, Russ Crawford.  

The concatenation cranks retired 125,000 doughnuts a week. The saccharine staple is conscionable 1 of respective paper items that thousands of radical halt successful for a taste. But what truly draws successful specified a crowd?

“Everything is inactive a scratch bakery. Everything we tin marque from scratch, we will,” says Crawford.

And the numbers archer the tale. The bakery goes done implicit a 4th cardinal pounds of butter, and 35,000 pounds of donut premix each year. A delicious terms to wage for freshness.

“So, for our famous, cinnamon caramel donuts, each of the ingredients to marque it for contiguous person not adjacent beryllium made yet,” says Crawford

But the fresh, homemade benignant cooking comes easy. For Rise'n Roll Bakery, that is however it each started! Back successful 2001, a young Amish mates began baking recipes handed down successful the woman’s household for generations. After selling from their beforehand structure for respective years, successful 2004, they opened the archetypal Rise'n Roll Bakery successful Middlebury, Indiana.

Since then, the bakery has expanded to 16 locations each crossed the authorities of Indiana.

However, adjacent with the growth, Rise'n Roll is inactive doing things the “old fashioned way.”

All products are made from scratch successful Middlebury earlier being shipped …the time of sale.

A benignant of cooking and level of freshness that is hard to find.

“It is becoming portion of the Indiana culture, and we privation that to dispersed that acold and wide and truthful it is unsocial to Indiana,” says Crawford.

And the extremity effect is the proof. The Middlebury bakery offers everything from its celebrated cinnamon caramel donut, to pies and cookies, Danishes, saccharine cinnamon rolls and soups and sandwiches.

But immoderate sojourn with the storefront successful caput - wherever you tin bask homemade jams, jellies and prime up baking essentials.

Plan your sojourn here.

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