Miami Dolphins Training Camp Preview: Offensive Line

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Travis Wingfield

Today, our grooming campy preview bid gives america a person look astatine the violative line. To reserve your spot astatine Miami Dolphins grooming camp, click the photograph below.

Our 11-part grooming campy preview bid volition springiness you an wrong look into the Dolphins 90-man roster with stats, facts and penetration into the radical and individuals.

Training Camp 2021 Preview Schedule:

Tues. July 13 - Quarterbacks

Weds. July 14 - Running Backs

Thurs. July 15 - Wide Receivers

Fri. July 16 - Tight Ends

Mon. July 19 - Offensive Line

Tues. July 20 - Interior Defensive Line

Weds. July 21 - Edge/On-Ball Linebackers

Thurs. July 22 - Off-Ball Linebackers

Fri. July 23 - Cornerbacks

Mon. July 26 - Safeties

Tues. July 27 - Specialist

Personnel Changes Coaching Staff

Lemuel Jeanpierre is different subordinate of Brian Flores' unit to gain a promotion from positional adjunct to his ain country - the violative line. "Lem," arsenic he's known astir Dolphins H.Q., enjoyed a six-year playing vocation with the Seahawks earlier trading successful his helmet for a headset - besides with Seattle. Jeanpierre followed Tom Cable to Oakland wherever helium served arsenic an violative enactment adjunct earlier taking the aforesaid rubric with Miami successful 2020.

As helium enters his archetypal play astatine the helm, Jeanpierre has some a postulation of young, bare players anxious to marque their people connected the league, positive a harvest of proven veterans.

Group astatine a Glance

As Head Coach Brian Flores and General Manager Chris Grier enactment to signifier the roster to the corporate organizational imaginativeness heading into Year 3, arguably nary presumption has seen a comparable concern similar the 1 made up beforehand connected the line.

Miami spent 3 draught picks wrong the apical 111 selections of 2020 connected Austin Jackson (18th), Robert Hunt (39th) and Solomon Kindley (111th) with the rookie triumvirate combining for 2,314 snaps. All 3 volition person a accidental to gain a starting relation arsenic Miami looks to place the champion 5 astatine grooming camp.

Another brace of rookies were added by mode of Liam Eichenberg successful the 2nd circular (pick 42) and Larnel Coleman with the 231st prime successful the 2021 NFL Draft. Robert Jones and Jonathan Hubbard were added to the roster arsenic undrafted escaped agents successful 2021 and 2020 respectively, giving Miami 7 first- oregon second-year players connected the enactment with an mean property of 22.9.

The seasoned radical features incumbents Jesse Davis, Michael Deiter, Adam Pankey, and Durval Queiroz-Neto. With the additions of successful caller acquisitions Jermaine Eluemunor, D.J. Fluker, Matt Skura and Camron Tom, Miami has 231 games of corporate starting acquisition among the vets.

Perhaps the astir awesome facet of the radical is that conscionable astir each subordinate has acquisition playing some sides and aggregate positions, whether that's arsenic a pro oregon successful college. The combinations possibilities are endless.

The Cast Matt Skura Michael Deiter Cameron Tom Robert Jones Solomon Kindley Robert Hunt Durval Queiroz Neto Jonathan Hubbard Jermaine Eluemunor Austin Jackson Liam Eichenberg D.J. Fluker Jesse Davis Adam Pankey Larnel Coleman Timon Parris Matt Skura

#62 C

Height: 6-3 Weight: 310 lbs College: Duke

Ravens Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman praised Skura's connection successful the mediate of the Baltimore violative enactment stating his "understanding of the crippled made his connection utterly seamless astatine times."

Directing the extortion calls, slides and checks are an important portion of the position, but Skura has besides excelled post-snap. In 4 years arsenic a pro, Skura's played 1,824 reps successful walk extortion with conscionable 5 full sacks and 9 backmost hits allowed, per Pro Football Focus. Discipline is besides a staple of his game; he's been penalized conscionable 11 times successful 3,374 vocation rep (one each 306.7 snaps).

Michael Deiter

#63 C/G

Height: 6-6 Weight: 315 lbs College: Wisconsin

Nobody from the violative enactment mill that is the Wisconsin Badgers made much starts successful Madison than Michael Deiter's 54 (consecutive from freshman-senior season). The streak kept rolling arsenic a pro, arsenic Deiter started 15 games arsenic a rookie with 996 reps played. He's played tackle, defender and halfway going backmost to his clip arsenic a collegian. He played 23 snaps successful 2020, but Head Coach Brian Flores recognized an urgency to Deiter's attack successful 2021.

"I deliberation erstwhile you get into Year 2, Year 3, there's a consciousness of urgency - which helium has, you tin spot that - to gain a relation oregon a bigger role," Flores said. "He's decidedly moving towards that; but helium knows determination volition beryllium contention determination and the champion antheral volition win."

Cameron Tom

#64 C

Height: 6-4 Weight: 300 lbs College: Southern Mississippi

Signing with the Saints arsenic an undrafted escaped cause successful 2017, Tom's vocation has taken him from the signifier squad to the progressive roster a fistful of times with 1 twelvemonth connected injured reserve (2018). At 6-foot-4, 300 pounds Tom has 181 reps of nonrecreational acquisition with 4 pressures allowed (no QB hits per PFF) connected 76 walk blocking reps. He played some defender positions and halfway with New Orleans.

Robert Jones

#65 G

Height: 6-4 Weight: 322 lbs College: Middle Tennessee State

Jones - a 6-foot-4, 322-pound violative lineman - played tackle astatine Middle Tennessee State aft transferring arsenic 1 of the nation's apical JUCO guards, demonstrating his positional versatility. He lone started playing shot his inferior play of precocious schoolhouse and, conscionable 5 years later, received an invitation to the Reese's Senior Bowl.

Solomon Kindley

#66 G

Height: 6-4 Weight: 335 lbs College: Georgia

A fourth-round prime successful 2020, Kindley opened his rookie grooming campy with the archetypal squad enactment and held that spot done Week 12. Injuries outgo Kindley clip precocious successful the season, but the 335-pound people-mover was charged with conscionable 17 pressures allowed connected 448 walk blocking reps (PFF). He played some defender positions and developed a estimation arsenic a nasty finisher who plays done the whistle. In 11 of his 15 games, Kindley allowed 1 oregon less QB pressures.

Robert Hunt

#68 G/T

Height: 6-6 Weight: 327 lbs College: Louisiana-Lafayette

Hunt played a cardinal relation arsenic a rookie successful 2020 and showed maturation passim the season. From Week 11 on, Hunt was PFF's No. 6 wide ranked tackle successful tally blocking conscionable down All-Pro Terron Armstead of New Orleans. His 14 pressures-allowed and consequent 97.3 walk blocking ratio metric besides checked successful conscionable down Armstead (97.4) implicit the last 7 games of the season.

On the season, Hunt was Miami's highest-graded tally blocker (PFF) and posted a cumulative walk blocking ratio complaint of 96.9.

Durval Queiroz Neto

#69 G

Height: 6-4 Weight: 330 lbs College: None

Entering his 3rd twelvemonth with Miami by mode of Brazil, Queiroz-Neto is simply a erstwhile Judo champion who tin onshore a lasting backflip. He's athletic, almighty and has been refining his crippled the past 2 seasons arsenic a subordinate of the Dolphins signifier squad.

Jonathan Hubbard

#71 T

Height: 6-5 Weight: 310 lbs College: Northwestern State

At 6-foot-5, 310 pounds, Hubbard has packed connected 18 pounds since measuring 292 lbs. astatine the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine. Pro Football Focus charted 156 walk blocking snaps astatine Northwestern State, wherever Hubbard posted a goose ovum successful the sacks-allowed column. Hubbard was connected the Miami signifier squad successful 2020.

Jermaine Eluemunor

#72 OL

Height: 6-4 Weight: 345 lbs College: Texas A&M

Born successful Chalk Farm, England, Eluemunor took an involvement successful American shot erstwhile helium saw the inaugural London crippled betwixt the Dolphins and Giants successful 2007. Coming to the States astatine 14, Eluemunor has enjoyed playing for immoderate of the shot institutions crossed America attending Texas A&M and spending 2 years a portion with the Ravens and Patriots.

At 345 pounds, Eluemunor fits close successful with Miami's monolithic violative line. He's started 11 vocation games, appearing successful 39, playing 790 snaps with conscionable 22 pressures allowed successful 395 walk blocking reps.

Austin Jackson

#73 T

Height: 6-5 Weight: 325 lbs College: USC

The third-youngest subordinate successful the NFL past season, Jackson flashed the quality that made him the 18th prime successful the 2020 NFL Draft. Per PFF, Jackson posted 5 games with 2 oregon less pressures allowed. During investigating astatine the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine, Jackson ran a 5.07 40-yard dash with a 31-inch vertical and 9'7" wide jump. His cumulative diversion people checked successful astatine 9.47 (out of a imaginable 10) with the portion to corroborate the explosiveness. Jackson features a speedy archetypal measurement and the athleticism to redirect and enactment connected equilibrium against each the high-level walk rushers the NFL has to offer.

Liam Eichenberg

#74 T

Height: 6-5 Weight: 310 lbs College: Notre Dame

Eichenberg was a stalwart connected a Notre Dame violative enactment that churns retired productive pros each year. Starting 38-straight games for the Irish, the past clip Eichenberg was charged with a sack allowed (PFF) was his freshman season; a streak that spans 33 games. In 1,283 vocation walk blocking snaps, Eichenberg allowed conscionable 4 QB hits and 32 full pressures, bully for 1 deed each 320.8 snaps and 1 hurry each 40.1 snaps.

The rookie tested successful the 95th percentile connected the seat property (33 reps), 82nd percentile successful the shuttle (4.58s) and 78th percentile successful the 3-cone (7.53s), showcasing the change-of-direction quality paired with the sheer strength.

D.J. Fluker

#76 OL

Height: 6-5 Weight: 350 lbs College: Alabama

As a escaped cause acquisition, Fluker brings versatility and size to the Miami violative line. Fluker's played astir treble the shot of the adjacent most-experienced subordinate of the enactment (Jesse Davis) with 6,737 vocation reps. He played tackle exclusively for the Ravens past twelvemonth portion surrendering conscionable 5 QB hits connected 293 walk blocking reps. The 2 years anterior successful Seattle, Fluker played 1,645 snaps with each but 1 drawback coming astatine close guard.

Jesse Davis

#77 G/T

Height: 6-6 Weight: 318 lbs College: Idaho

The skipper of the enactment past year, Davis defines luncheon pail violative linemen. The lone trait of Davis' much invaluable than his versatility is his availability. In summation to playing snaps astatine 4 of the 5 positions since joining Miami successful 2017 (and transverse grooming astatine halfway past summer), Davis has logged 3,698 snaps successful his 4 years with the Dolphins.

In 2020, Davis was charged with conscionable 1 sack allowed portion playing important clip astatine 3 antithetic positions (186 astatine near tackle, 509 astatine close defender and 354 astatine close tackle).

Adam Pankey

#78 T

Height: 6-5 Weight: 313 lbs College: West Virginia

Appearing successful six games implicit the past 2 years with Miami, the Dolphins re-signed Pankey this offseason aft his declaration expired. Most of his enactment came arsenic an other violative lineman successful the dense bundle (33 tally blocking snaps to 8 successful walk pro). He played 1 drawback astatine near tackle and 1 astatine close defender past play filling successful for injured players.

Larnel Coleman

#79 T

Height: 6-6 Weight: 313 lbs College: UMass Amherst

A two-sport prima successful precocious school, Larnel Coleman yet hung up the sneakers to prosecute shot afloat time, but helium says his clip connected the hardwood helped thatch him the finer points of violative enactment basics.

"I deliberation antiaircraft hoops is the aforesaid happening arsenic playing violative enactment oregon astatine slightest playing tackle," Coleman said. "I consciousness similar a batch of that athleticism is decidedly going to construe to the field, and it has been I think, arsenic you tin spot connected my film."

With 35.5-inch arms, Coleman's 84 7/8" wingspan is already 1 of the largest successful the NFL. He besides ran a 5.10 forty-yard dash and leapt 113 inches connected the wide jump. He was tabbed with conscionable 1 sack allowed and 3 full QB pressures connected 126 walk blocking snaps successful 2020 (PFF).

Timon Parris

# T

Height: 6-6 Weight: 315 lbs College: Stony Brook

The Dolphins announced Monday the signing of violative tackle Timon Parris. Parris entered the NFL arsenic an undrafted escaped cause retired of Stony Brook successful 2018 with the Washington Football Team. He's played a fistful of peculiar teams snaps but has yet to instrumentality immoderate reps arsenic a pro connected offense. His jersey fig is not disposable astatine this time.

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