Mailbag: Who Makes the Team at Wide Receiver

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Baltimore Ravens
15 Jul 2021, 05:25 GMT+10

Jul 14, 2021 astatine 01:00 PMby Garrett Downing & Ryan Mink Copied!

Mink: I deliberation it's harmless to accidental Marquise Brown, Sammy Watkins, Rashod Bateman, Devin Duvernay and Tylan Wallace volition each marque the 53-man roster assuming they're each healthy. That leaves Miles Boykin, James Proche II, Binjimen Victor, Deon Cain, Jaylon Moore and Devin Gray battling for 1 spot if keeping the accustomed six wide receivers. It'll beryllium 1 of the champion competitions successful camp.

Handicapping it close now, I'd thin toward Boykin. He has the astir experience, fills a niche arsenic a beardown blocker and inactive has a precocious ceiling arsenic a precise athletically talented player. Plus, I thought Boykin looked bully successful practices truthful acold and seems to beryllium progressing successful his young career.

It's just to accidental that Boykin, a third-round prime retired of Notre Dame a mates years ago, didn't interruption retired erstwhile fixed the accidental to beryllium an extracurricular starter other Brown. Boykin has 32 catches for 464 yards successful 32 vocation games truthful far. But helium has been an plus successful the reddish portion (seven touchdowns) and coaches person continually raved astir his blocking. Boykin besides played 32% of the peculiar teams snaps the past 2 years, adding to his value. He has a role.

Plus, the Ravens could beryllium successful a pugnacious spot if Watkins, who has a lengthy wounded history, were to get wounded and they didn't person Boykin. Baltimore teaches wideouts to play each the antithetic wide receiver spots, but Boykin's large assemblage separates him from immoderate of the different options.

I similar Proche and americium anxious to spot what he'll bash astatine wideout successful grooming camp, but winning the returner occupation whitethorn beryllium astir important origin successful him earning a 53-man roster spot. If Duvernay is bully capable to beryllium the punt returner, Proche's way is narrowed. Moore, Victor and Cain made immoderate plays during OTAs and minicamp, but they person an uphill (not impossible) climb.

Mink: OK, let's instrumentality with Boykin and I'll instrumentality this 1 due to the fact that I asked John Harbaugh this nonstop question a mates months agone since truthful galore fans were talking astir this. His reply made it precise wide that Boykin is definitively not shifting to choky end. Harbaugh said Boykin already runs immoderate of the aforesaid routes choky ends do, but helium "certainly wouldn't telephone him a choky end. He's a wide receiver. He's not a choky end."

Boykin would person to acquisition a sizable carnal translation to beryllium a choky end. He is 6-foot-4, 220 pounds. All of Baltimore's choky ends, but Eli Wolf, are 250 pounds oregon more. At 238 pounds, Wolf is inactive 18 pounds heavier than Boykin. Darren Waller is 6-foot-6, 255 pounds. Boykin is large for a wide receiver, but acold excessively tiny for a choky end. Blocking cornerbacks is 1 thing; blocking extracurricular linebackers is simply a precise antithetic challenge. Boykin tin conscionable support moving immoderate of the aforesaid choky extremity routes.

Downing: Last season, the Ravens snapped their 16-year streak of astatine slightest 1 undrafted rookie making the 53-man roster retired of grooming camp, and I expect it to beryllium pugnacious erstwhile again for the undrafted class. I don't adjacent deliberation it's a warrant that each 8 draught picks marque the progressive roster, truthful that's an denotation of however pugnacious it volition beryllium to get 1 of the last spots connected cutdown day.

If I was gathering retired my 53-man roster prediction close now, I wouldn't person immoderate undrafted rookies connected the squad. However, a batch tin alteration implicit the people of grooming camp, and the Ravens person a agelong way grounds of giving UDFAs a existent accidental to beryllium themselves. For immoderate undrafted rookie to marque the team, peculiar teams volition beryllium critical. A subordinate I'll beryllium watching intimately to spot however helium handles the accommodation to peculiar teams is erstwhile TCU information Ar'Darius Washington. Pro Football Focus graded him arsenic the apical undrafted rookie, and helium has drawn comparisons to Kansas City's Pro Bowl information Tyrann Mathieu. Washington volition person an uphill conflict successful a heavy and talented secondary, and roster spots ne'er travel casual for undrafted prospects.

Downing: I ne'er regularisation retired different determination from Eric DeCosta. He has shown america clip and clip again since becoming the team's wide manager that helium ever looks for ways to tweak and amended a roster, adjacent successful the mediate of the play (remember those trades for Marcus Peters and Yannick Ngakoue?). The earthy anticipation would beryllium for the Ravens to motion a seasoned walk rusher, particularly aft the reported sojourn and involvement successful Justin Houston. That could inactive happen, but I don't spot it arsenic a forgone conclusion. Houston reportedly visited the Ravens backmost successful April, and determination has been nary enactment connected that beforehand successful the past 3 months. Training campy opens successful 2 weeks, truthful the Ravens whitethorn spell into campy and spot what they person successful their young walk rushers Odafe Oweh and Jaylon Ferguson. But if DeCosta feels similar the roster needs betterment astatine immoderate point, past helium won't hesitate to marque a move.

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