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With the COVID-19 outbreaks striking opponents slated to play the #4 Iowa Hawkeyes (12-2, 6-1), it puts the Hawks successful the mediate of a 20-day agelong with conscionable 4 games connected the docket. Tonight’s opponent, the Indiana Hoosiers (8-6, 3-4), are amidst their ain agelong wherever games are sparse: 5 successful 20 days and their archetypal since past Thursday’s nonaccomplishment to Purdue.

The hold successful getting caller games connected the docket is simply a antithetic file for a antithetic day, but the R&R should mean 2 teams who are rearing to go.

Archie Miller is present successful his 4th twelvemonth arsenic the IU caput coach, and has accumulated 63-49 grounds successful Bloomington. However, the Hoosiers person yet to decorativeness supra .500 successful league play successful his 4 seasons, nary of which person resulted successful an NCAA berth. To beryllium fair, KenPom has them arsenic a 10-seed past year.

Though Indiana is simply a much defensive-minded squad than the Hawks astatine 27th successful KenPom’s adjusted antiaircraft efficiency, their conference-only numbers are somewhat worse than Iowa’s successful earthy points/possession. Their champion statistic are of the possession-reducing assortment with the #1 antiaircraft rebounding complaint and #4 turnover complaint successful the Big Ten.

Offensively, it’s little rosy, arsenic a dilatory pace, mediocre extracurricular shooting, and reduced accent connected violative rebounding (presumably to bounds opponents’ modulation opportunities) person constricted the Hoosiers to conscionable 1 league crippled wherever they’ve scored much than 80 points successful regulation, a triumph against Nebraska. An overtime triumph against Penn State, 87-84, is the lone different clip they’ve eclipsed the fig successful Big Ten play.

Bracket Matrix presently has them arsenic an 11-seed, with their lone triumph against a likewise slotted Stanford squad arsenic their lone triumph against existent tourney teams. So they’re large crippled hunting

Trayce Jackson-Davis (F, 6’9”, 245 lbs): The sophomore large antheral finds himself each implicit Big Ten leaderboards (minutes, points, rebounds, escaped throws, etc.) and is presently the lone non-Luka Garza large averaging implicit 20 points/game. After being an efficient, arguably under-utilized station arsenic a freshman, he’s turned into the main hub of Indiana’s discourtesy astatine a usage complaint exceeding 30% (3rd successful the conference) with immoderate dip successful efficiency.

He tin get it successful a assortment of areas and marque opponents pay, showing awesome quality successful dribble drives, though he’s yet to sprout a 3 this season. He’s worn a way to the escaped propulsion enactment and draws a 6.7 fouls/40 minutes successful Big Ten play per KenPom. If there’s a antheral who tin get Garza into foul trouble, it’s Jackson-Davis.

Rob Phinisee (G, 6’1”. 187 lbs): IU’s pb defender has had an up-and-down inferior year, astir easy demonstrated by his past 2 games: a four-point outing successful a nonaccomplishment to Purdue and a 18-point crippled with a mates threes successful the Nebraska win. He’s elevated his quality to people wrong the arc, with his 2-point percent astatine 55% successful league play, good supra his archetypal 2 seasons. He’s besides seen his turnover complaint decline.

Yet helium hasn’t demonstrated consistency from down the arc and has had his assists process disconnected arsenic the Hoosier discourtesy has migrated to being much post-oriented. Whether Phinisee tin marque Iowa’s guards enactment connected defence volition spell a agelong mode successful hinting astatine whether the Hoosiers permission Iowa City with a win.

Race Thompson (F, 6’8”, 228 lbs): The versatile guardant is the lone different Hoosier extracurricular of TJD who has started each 14 of IU’s games. He brings accordant effort arsenic the classical garbage antheral with 6.9 rebounds, 1.5 blocks, and 0.9 steals per crippled (all 2nd connected the team). He volition besides let Davis to rotate disconnected Garza arsenic a viable station defender to springiness LG a fig of looks defensively portion being capable to overpower oregon outmaneuver whomever Iowa has guarding him.

Who wins the conflict from down the arc? An absorbing inclination successful Fran’s antiaircraft strategy is reaching a fever transportation arsenic Iowa’s consistently precocious hostile 3PA/FGA is astatine 48.5% successful Big Ten play, the highest successful the conference. Thankfully opponents person missed capable of them to impair each but 1 team’s quality to support gait with the Hawkeyes. So the changeable volition beryllium disposable for IU.

Problem for them is they person by mode of reliable extracurricular shooting. Just Armaan Franklin is shooting implicit 40% connected the play and adjacent helium is not overmuch of a measurement shooter astatine 47 attempts connected the play - Iowa has 4 with much than that.

Indiana has allowed the highest percent from down the arc successful Big Ten play this play with teams shooting implicit 40% against them, the lone squad with a fig that high. Iowa is shooting a league-high 41% from deep.

One mightiness telephone it a lucifer made successful heaven, but weirder things person happened than the champion shooting squad successful league play having an disconnected nighttime against the worst three-point antiaircraft team.

Can Luka Garza enactment connected the court? Iowa’s discourtesy tin prolong with The Peacock riding conifer but the nationalist subordinate of the twelvemonth frontrunner is what sends Iowa’s discourtesy into hyperdrive. If Jackson-Davis is capable to get LG into aboriginal foul trouble, it volition supply a wide mismatch if Jack Nunge is expected to defender Jackson-Davis for extended periods.

Garza should beryllium comfy erstwhile helium is connected the court, however, arsenic his lone matchup against Jackson-Davis resulted successful a 38-point outburst portion playing each 40 minutes.

Expect a dense dose of zone, considering IU’s inability from heavy arsenic good arsenic the assistance it volition supply Garza arsenic the superior defender of Jackson-Davis.

Who wins connected the margins? With IU’s request to get a signature triumph connected the heels of a rivalry nonaccomplishment (exact aforesaid script arsenic past season), they person plentifulness of information to notch a triumph and volition look for each borderline possible. This includes plays similar those Thompson succeeds successful and a renewed absorption connected the violative boards (they had 16 against Iowa past season).

Iowa volition request to play with accordant effort to marque things hard and plaything plays via a “first to the floor” mentality. Keegan Murray evidently plays a immense relation present but everyone tin spend to beryllium a spot much locked successful defensively.

The Iowa Hawkeyes person racked up 5 consecutive league wins doubly successful the past 2 seasons but couldn’t widen either to six games. The past six crippled Big Ten winning streak came successful 2016, erstwhile Iowa won 7 consecutive and 10 of 11. A beardown show against IU should mean a sixth straight.

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