Fantasy Football Storylines To Watch In 2021

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Fantasy Insider Scott Engel reviews offseason changes passim the league, and what they mean for your phantasy team. Scott Engel

Scott Engel is opening his 10th play arsenic the authoritative Fantasy writer and expert for Scott is simply a 25-year seasoned of the Fantasy manufacture and an inaugural subordinate of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association's Hall of Fame. He is simply a four-time FSWA grant victor and 10-time nominee, including being named a finalist for the 2020 Fantasy Football Writer of the Year award. You tin besides find much of his Fantasy investigation connected,, the Athletic and SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio. Scott won 2 Fantasy Football dynasty league titles successful 2020, including 1 successful the prestigious Fantasy Football Players Championship (FFPC) and antecedently pulled disconnected a three-peat successful a highly competitory New York City league.

The 2021 Fantasy Football play is here, and we commencement disconnected our broad and expanded sum by getting you up to velocity connected each the offseason moves and happenings that volition interaction outlooks this season. If you privation to drawback up connected subordinate moves and news, you volition find what you request to get up to day close here. If you are good alert of what has happened successful the offseason, we supply in-depth investigation that tin hole you amended for upcoming drafts. For each Fantasy Footballer players, this 2021 primer is your mentation of minicamp. Before we get into positional breakdowns, sleepers, and strategy recommendations successful the weeks up , we present a rundown of 12 highly compelling Fantasy storylines heading into the caller season. It's our archetypal measurement arsenic we acceptable you up to "Always Compete" successful 2021.

1) One much week of Fantasy Football fun

This season, the NFL volition play an enhanced docket of 17 games implicit 18 weeks. Since 1978, the league had featured a 16-game schedule. This is simply a historical alteration successful presumption of the Fantasy Football layout. The "modern era' of Fantasy Football, arsenic we tin specify it, is erstwhile the crippled archetypal became progressively fashionable with the emergence of the net successful the 1990s. With the summation of the other game, Fantasy Football seasonal league schedules volition present wide grow from 13 to 14 regular play weeks for the archetypal clip successful the modern era, with galore leagues holding their playoffs from Weeks 14 to 17. This means an evident further week of Fantasy competition, which is simply a earthy invited caller change. With different week of play, Fantasy leaguers present person different other accidental to enactment successful the playoff hunt. Final statistical totals volition beryllium larger than ever successful galore cases. There volition beryllium other wounded management, and if you play successful a league with a Free Agent Budget for waiver purposes, you volition person to displacement your attack a spot successful presumption of spending. Overall, though, the other week genuinely conscionable adds much amusive and enjoyment.

2) Matthew Stafford arrives successful the NFC West

Longtime Lions prima Matthew Stafford has been a precise respectable Fantasy starter successful the past. He finished arsenic a Top 10 Fantasy QB from 2015 to 2017. But erstwhile helium was traded to the Rams successful the offseason, his Fantasy entreaty changeable up. Stafford is present astatine the helm of the NFC's fifth-best discourtesy from 2020, and tin marque it 1 of the precise champion successful the league. He is moving with the deepest receiving unit of his vocation successful presumption of sheer prime with Robert Woods, Cooper Kupp, rising youngster Van Jefferson, DeSean Jackson, Tyler Higbee and moving backmost Cam Akers retired of the backfield. Stafford could beryllium headed for 1 of his champion Fantasy seasons ever successful 2020, and his accomplishment successful the NFC West further confirms the part arsenic the toughest successful the NFL. The NFC West present features 4 existent and aboriginal standout QBs successful Russell Wilson, Stafford, Kyler Murray and Trey Lance. Stafford is the 10th QB disconnected the committee truthful acold successful Fantasy drafts according to ADP reports, and helium could surely decorativeness adjacent oregon successful the Top 5.

3) Julio Jones leaves Atlanta for Tennessee

The aboriginal Hall of Famer gives Ryan Tannehill different large limb aft helium threw a career-high 33 TD passes past season. Many Fantasy players whitethorn not beryllium alert that Tannehill finished arsenic QB7 successful Fantasy Football past year, and the summation of Jones tin guarantee helium performs astatine specified a level again. A.J. Brown, who finished arsenic Fantasy WR12 past play successful PPR leagues, present whitethorn look little dense sum from opposing secondaries and could outperform his 2020 numbers. Jones should descent successful arsenic a precise bully Fantasy WR3 successful Tennessee. He surely is not done astatine property 32. In Atlanta, the departure of Jones means that Calvin Ridley, who finished arsenic Fantasy WR5 past year, could situation to beryllium the champion WR successful Fantasy Football this play with immoderate much imaginable volume. Russell Gage besides has Fantasy WR3 imaginable arsenic helium is expected to instrumentality connected a larger relation successful the Atlanta passing game.

4) The Drew Brees epoch is over

Drew Brees retired, and present we volition person to spot however his lack volition impact the New Orleans offense. What has not changed, though, is that Sean Payton inactive guides the Saints offense. If Jameis Winston starts astatine QB, helium could execute amended than ever arsenic an NFL passer, arsenic learning for a twelvemonth from Brees and Payton could wage disconnected well. He does person higher-end Fantasy QB2 imaginable and is an absorbing superflex/two QB league target. If Taysom Hill starts, his moving skills would marque him a imaginable Fantasy starter with upside. Alvin Kamara should stay an elite Fantasy RB, arsenic the Saints volition proceed to trust connected his versatility, and volition inactive beryllium worthy of a archetypal circular tag if helium works with Hill, who whitethorn stock immoderate extremity enactment country enactment and could administer the shot otherwise than Winston might. Michael Thomas volition inactive beryllium a surefire Fantasy WR1 nary substance who plays QB, and second-year TE Adam Trautman is simply a large sleeper campaigner who could bust retired successful 2020.

5) Dak is back

In 2020, Dak Prescott's play ended aft helium suffered a large ankle wounded successful Week 5. He was averaging 27.7 Fantasy Points Per Game, the astir among QBs. A instrumentality to bully wellness volition enactment Prescott backmost successful the elite Fantasy QB conversation, arsenic helium is QB5 successful aboriginal drafts and you could marque a beardown lawsuit for him being Top 3 erstwhile you see helium whitethorn person the champion receiving unit successful the NFL. His instrumentality volition enactment Amari Cooper backmost successful the high-end Fantasy WR2 mix, and it should beryllium noted that Cooper inactive caught a career-high 92 passes past year, truthful bash not walk connected him erstwhile you request a No. 2 wideout. CeeDee Lamb mightiness marque a immense leap successful Year Two to the constituent wherever helium tin besides beryllium a top-level Fantasy WR2. His existent ADP is 37.3, truthful determination is simply a batch of evident Fantasy optimism surrounding Lamb. Ezekiel Elliott tin present besides recapture overmuch of the signifier that led to a Fantasy RB3 decorativeness successful 2019. The Dallas discourtesy is going to beryllium a premier assets for standout Fantasy accumulation successful 2021 with Prescott backmost successful action.

6) A caller limb for Russell Wilson, and a Fantasy sleeper candidate

In March, the Seahawks signed erstwhile Rams choky extremity Gerald Everett, reuniting him with caller violative coordinator Shane Waldron, who was the passing crippled coordinator with the Rams. Everett's familiarity with Waldron and the accidental to enactment with Wilson could propel him to his champion Fantasy run yet. Everett finished 3rd among each NFL choky ends past twelvemonth with 5.9 yards aft receptions. He volition beryllium a important menace connected cardinal passing downs and volition beryllium different apical TD people for Wilson adjacent the extremity line. Tight extremity is the thinnest presumption successful Fantasy Football, and we should ever beryllium connected the lookout for worth performers who tin execute good supra the points wherever they are drafted. Everett, who is being wide viewed arsenic a Top 25 Fantasy TE, has an accidental and a passing situation to perchance enactment him into the Top 15 scope this season, with the upside to decorativeness successful the Top 12.

7) Eye connected Indianapolis

The Colts traded for Carson Wentz successful the offseason, and helium inactive has the abilities to beryllium a higher-end Fantasy QB2. If helium tin regain his amended form, Wentz volition aviator an Indianapolis discourtesy that tin make immoderate existent Fantasy excitement this season. Running backmost Jonathan Taylor is 1 of the hottest names astatine moving backmost heading into 2021, arsenic helium finished arsenic RB6 past twelvemonth and is present expected to beryllium a top-level Fantasy RB. He is being drafted No. 6 wide truthful far, and helium surely has the upside to warrant specified a enactment and is worthy of a prime aft the likes of Derrick Henry and Alvin Kamara are disconnected the board. Second-year WR Michael Pittman Jr., who finished 3rd among WRs with 7.3 yards aft receptions, could go a breakout performer moving with Wentz and helium is simply a large worth prime arsenic a Fantasy WR3 type.

8) Here Comes Kyle

Among Fantasy Football rookies, nary newcomer is generating much excitement than Atlanta's Kyle Pitts. He has already drawn comparisons to Travis Kelce and helium is the 5th TE disconnected the committee successful aboriginal drafts. He is being taken arsenic aboriginal arsenic 4th astatine the presumption successful immoderate drafts. Tight extremity is usually wherever we typically spot young players emerging arsenic prime Fantasy performers a spot aboriginal successful their careers, but the Falcons already look acceptable to marque Pitts a premier portion of their passing crippled successful 2021. It is not casual to procure an elite choky extremity successful immoderate Fantasy draft, and going for upside sometimes turns retired to beryllium a league-winning move. Pitts' sixth circular ADP is not excessively precocious erstwhile you are looking to get a important borderline astatine a precise bladed position. Pitts is simply a precise unsocial size/speed playmaker who tin endanger defenses downfield successful a mode you don't often spot from galore choky ends, and helium has a proven seasoned QB to enactment with successful Matt Ryan. Once Kelce, Darren Waller and George Kittle are taken astatine TE, the lure of Pitts' large committedness whitethorn beryllium to beryllium irresistible. Just marque definite you person filled retired premier slots astatine RB and WR earlier you marque the determination connected him.

9) Pass-catchers with caller addresses

Jones was not the lone notable WR to alteration teams. Kenny Golladay volition go the caller apical wideout for the Giants, and support successful caput helium led the NFL successful TD catches 2 years ago. He does person high-end Fantasy WR2 upside. Will Fuller is present successful Miami, and is simply a worthy Fantasy WR3 target. Curtis Samuel is simply a breakout campaigner arsenic a imaginable apical WR enactment for Ryan Fitzpatrick successful Washington. Corey Davis is simply a mid-range WR4 play with the Jets. Marvin Jones could beryllium a nifty worth prime moving with Trevor Lawrence successful Jacksonville. At choky end, Hunter Henry and Jonnu Smith are viable TE2 types with New England, and Jared Cook could beryllium a precise bully precocious prime arsenic helium takes implicit arsenic the No. 1 TE for the Chargers.

10) Excitement successful Cincinnati

The Bengals mightiness tract 1 of the much productive offenses successful the AFC this season, and Cincinnati could beryllium a precise bully determination to find prime Fantasy production. Joe Burrow was a Top 10 Fantasy QB successful his rookie play erstwhile healthy, and the Bengals drafted his erstwhile LSU teammate, WR Ja'Marr Chase, with the No. 5 wide prime successful the 2021 NFL Draft. Chase volition instantly beryllium 1 of Cincinnati's Top 3 WRs and is worthy of a No. 3 Fantasy WR choice. Tee Higgins, who averaged 13.6 yards per drawback and scored six times arsenic a rookie, should surely amended successful Year Two. Tyler Boyd, who has caught 169 passes successful the past 2 seasons, rounds retired a good receiving unit for Burrow, who tin decorativeness arsenic a surefire Fantasy RB1 this season. A steadfast Joe Mixon whitethorn unreserved for double-digit scores arsenic a thrust finisher for Cincinnati.

11) Rookies bring the buzz

While Pitts is the biggest sanction among rookies, Najee Harris of the Steelers is the astir highly regarded first-year RB, and is simply a prime mid-range RB2 target. Javonte Williams of the Broncos and Trey Sermon of the 49ers could look arsenic starters for their teams successful their archetypal NFL seasons. Travis Etienne of the Jaguars and Michael Carter of the Jets are upside flex players. At wide receiver, DeVonta Smith of the Eagles volition measurement into a ample relation close away, arsenic should Rashod Bateman of Baltimore. Smith is an aboriginal vocation Fantasy WR3 candidate. Among quarterbacks, Trevor Lawrence has a bully changeable to beryllium a higher-end Fantasy QB2, portion Justin Fields and Trey Lance are superflex/two QB picks that could beryllium imaginable difference-makers successful specified formats.

12) Chris comes back

The Seahawks re-signed Chris Carson successful the offseason, and knowing helium volition beryllium successful a acquainted relation this twelvemonth should marque him a premier people arsenic a Fantasy RB2 this season. Carson averaged 15.7 Fantasy Points Per Game past season, putting him conscionable extracurricular RB1 territory. He is simply a Top 15 subordinate astatine his presumption who should beryllium drafted with optimism that helium tin often execute astatine No. 1 Fantasy RB levels. The Seahawks are besides looking guardant to the instrumentality of a steadfast Rashaad Penny. He has sleeper imaginable arsenic a later-round Fantasy draught pick, arsenic we person seen him flash big-play committedness successful seasons past. In deeper leagues, Alex Collins is simply a sanction to retrieve arsenic well, arsenic helium rushed for scores successful 2 games past year. The Seahawks bash person prime extent astatine the RB presumption for Fantasy purposes. DeeJay Dallas should stay connected dynasty league rosters for imaginable aboriginal contributions.

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