Fantasy football draft- Where to target Indianapolis Colts RB Jonathan Taylor

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The Indianapolis Colts drafted RB Jonathan Taylor successful the 2nd circular of the 2019 NFL Draft, seeing him arsenic their aboriginal starter astatine moving back. His relation accrued arsenic the twelvemonth went connected and present he's viewed arsenic a commodity successful phantasy shot heading into the 2021 season. Below, we look astatine Jonathan Taylor's 2021 phantasy shot mean draught presumption (ADP) and wherever you should draught him.

Taylor is 1 of the apical moving backs successful phantasy shot this year, poised for a breakout play with the Colts. After sharing touches past season, helium should person an adjacent larger workload arsenic the unquestioned RB1 successful Indianapolis. With a ascendant violative enactment successful beforehand of him, too, Taylor is successful an fantabulous concern arsenic a second-year rusher.

The Colts volition privation to usage him to instrumentality unit disconnected of caller QB Carson Wentz, and there's nary amended mode to bash that than a steadfast dose of the moving game.

Taylor's ADP: 12.98

(ADP information courtesy of

Fantasy owners are precocious connected Taylor heading into this season. He has an mean draught presumption of 12.98 successful redraft leagues, which is ninth-best wide and sixth among moving backs.

He's gone arsenic precocious arsenic archetypal wide and arsenic debased arsenic 30th, though helium apt won't flight the 2nd circular successful your phantasy draft. There's excessively overmuch upside with the erstwhile Wisconsin Badger successful an discourtesy that volition beryllium run-heavy.


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Taylor's 2020 stats

Carries: 232

Yards: 1,169

Touchdowns: 11

Fumbles: 1

Receptions: 36

Receiving yards: 299

Touchdown catches: 1

Where should you instrumentality Jonathan Taylor successful your phantasy shot draft?

Taylor should perfectly beryllium successful information arsenic a first-round prime successful phantasy drafts. Though immoderate phantasy managers similar to spell with a backmost similar Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs) oregon choky extremity similar George Kittle (San Francisco 49ers), Taylor offers amended worth arsenic a top-end moving back.

In his last six games of the regular season, helium averaged 6.23 yards per transportation and had 741 yards rushing with 8 full touchdowns (one receiving). He added different 78 yards connected the crushed successful the Colts' playoff nonaccomplishment to the Buffalo Bills, his 4th crippled of astatine slightest 20 carries since Week 10.

He finished arsenic RB4 successful modular phantasy leagues past year, and that was with 3 games of 10 oregon less carries successful the archetypal 10 weeks of his rookie season. Don't beryllium acrophobic to instrumentality him successful the archetypal circular of redraft leagues, and successful dynasty formats, helium should beryllium considered adjacent earlier due to the fact that of his youth.

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