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Learn however to power M3s and M4s astatine 1 of the astir celebrated racetracks successful the world.

Time and clip again, we've seen however a deficiency of high-performance driving acquisition tin end successful catastrophe during a way day. Fortunately, galore manufacturers connection driving schools allowing owners and fans to hone their skills and propulsion their show cars to the bounds successful a safe, controlled environment.

Ford offers a free driving schoolhouse to GT500 owners and Chevrolet provides driver grooming for the C8 Corvette. Now, BMW is expanding its high-performance center to see the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, offering a scope of driving schoolhouse classes and operator experiences successful BMW M roadworthy cars, contention cars, and halfway models.

BMW already offers show driving schools successful Spartanburg, South Carolina, and Thermal, California, but this is the archetypal clip a BMW Performance Center has opened successful the Midwest.

Beginning connected July 8, 2021, experienced instructors volition thatch participants however to unleash the afloat imaginable of BMW M cars successful a assortment of events. Aimed astatine beginners, the M Track Experience helps familiarize drivers with way driving techniques, portion the M Track Days acquisition offers a "robust way driving acquisition taught by BMW Performance Driving School instructors."

The full-day M4 GT4 Experience lets (licensed) drivers instrumentality the M4 GT4 lawsuit contention car for a spin. In addition, BMW is offering trial thrust experiences for a assortment of BMW and BMW M models specified arsenic the caller M3 and M4, arsenic good arsenic off-road experiences for X-Series SUVs, and you don't person to beryllium an proprietor to bash this. Corporate events tin besides beryllium arranged astatine the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during the BMW Driving Experience.

The lone downside is that BMW's acquisition astatine IMS volition tally for a constricted clip and extremity connected August 8th, 2021. The remaining events volition beryllium held connected Friday August 6th, Saturday August 7th, and Sunday August 8th. Registration for upcoming events volition unfastened soon (, truthful it's worthy keeping an oculus connected BMW's Performance Center website for updates.

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