Athlon Sports- Anonymous coaches sound off on Indiana Hoosiers

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With much returning starters than immoderate squad successful the Big Ten this season, including 4 graded among the precise champion astatine their respective positions, the Indiana Hoosiers person their sights acceptable connected a Big Ten rubric coming off a momentum-building campaign.

Others astir the league judge the Hoosiers are well-coached and volition beryllium a pugnacious retired arsenic a squad astir person ranked wrong the preseason polls.

"They perfectly overachieved past year, but see the information that they'd been underachieving for a agelong time," one anonymous manager told Athlon Sports successful its 2021 preseason preview. "I deliberation Tom Allen is the existent deal. I deliberation the civilization is real. That's not put-on worldly for TV. Those kids play their asses disconnected for him. They were a feel-good communicative for a batch of staffs and programs that are trying to built it dilatory and not chopped corners. The medication knew what they had and gave him time, and you spot the results."

Another manager says you cognize what you're getting with Indiana and points to 1 presumption successful peculiar being the astir captious to the Hoosiers' success.

"Not a ton of unknowns for them. I deliberation they're a wholly antithetic squad with Michael Penix Jr., truthful however helium looks going into the autumn practices is their biggest question," helium told Athlon Sports.

Allen has wholly changed the civilization astatine Indiana heading into his 5th play and earlier this twelvemonth recalled a clip he remembered erstwhile his players lacked confidence during a modulation phase.

“To me, it's astir expectations and beliefs, and erstwhile I got present we had to alteration the mindset," Allen shared with Duke hoops manager Mike Krzyzewski on his Sirius XM show. "Before there’s reality, there’s mentality and I believed we could bash it here, truthful I deliberation that's wherever it each began. And successful 1 of our archetypal meetings, earlier we started the season, erstwhile I archetypal got here, I had players constitute connected a three-by-five paper of what they thought our grounds was going to beryllium that fixed season. And aft they wrote the grounds and I said ‘okay guys, I’m definite you astir apt didn’t enactment down 12-0 so, whichever teams you said we were going to suffer to - you deliberation however galore games we’re going to lose? You constitute down the names of the teams we’re going to suffer to.’ And they benignant of looked astatine maine similar ‘seriously?’ I said ‘yeah, spell up and bash that.’"

Allen said helium made the players constitute down the expected losses and jokingly told them not to amusement up for the crippled since helium wanted athletes who believed they had a accidental to triumph them all.

The Hoosiers got the point.

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