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impact on the logistics industry


The co-founder and president of Indianapolis-based Spot Freight says the pandemic has had a unique impact on the logistics industry"From e-commerce to food and beverage, supply chains are booming and there really isn't enough carrier capacity to meet the demand," said Andrew Elsener. To keep up with the increased demand, the logistics company announced plans to hire 200 sales representatives at its downtown Indy headquarters. 

Elsener discussed the company's growth in an interview on Inside Indiana Business with Gerry Dick. He says the sales positions aren't the only jobs being added.

Job Vacancies in Indianapolis 

"We also split off a technology company called Red Technologies," said Elsener. "We currently have about 50 developers here in Indianapolis local; we will be going out to hire another 50-70 next year, so front-end, back-end-type developers, data scientist types to help meet the growth of our technology division."

Spot Freight uses its technology to connect customers and carriers in a system Elsener says its critical for the logistics industry.

Mechanism of Logistics in Indiana

"The stuff we're doing today is very similar to a ride-hailing app connecting drivers to shippers. The way we can see trucks moving across the United States, this is a very tech-heavy industry and hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars are flowing into it every day."

Supply chain management

Over the last few years, the company has expanded to and modernized its headquarters in the former Jillian's building in downtown Indy, but Elsener says that soon won't be enough.

"We will be, in quarter one (of 2021), out of space and we'll be having to move and make some moves locally to meet that."


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