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Indiana coronavirus updates: Senate passes rescue bill to send checks to Americans

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR/TEGNA/AP) — Thursday's latest updates on the coronavirus pandemic.

Weekly new unemployment claims expected to shatter record
U.S. Department of Labor figures to be released Thursday are expected to shatter the old record for the greatest number of new unemployment claims filed in a single week. There are more suddenly jobless Americans than during the Great Recession.

Some economists project that the U.S. could see around 3 million new unemployment insurance claims when figures are released for the week of March 15-21. Latest Indiana News That would be around 12 times as many as the previous week.

In Labor Department records dating to 1967, the largest seasonally adjusted one-week number of new unemployment insurance claims was 695,000 in October 1982, when the national unemployment rate was around 10 percent.Before coronavirus concerns escalated this month, the U.S. unemployment rate had been at a 50-year-low of 3.5 percent.

Senate passes rescue bill

The Senate has passed an unparalleled $2.2 trillion economic rescue package steering aid to businesses, workers and healthcare systems engulfed by the coronavirus pandemic.

The 883-page measure is the largest economic relief bill in U.S. history. The unanimous vote comes despite misgivings on both sides about whether it goes too far or not far enough.The bill would provide one-time direct payments to Americans of $1,200 per adult making up to $75,000 a year, and $2,400 to a married couple making up to $150,000, with $500 payments per child.

A huge cash infusion for hospitals expecting a flood of COVID-19 patients grew during the talks to an estimated $130 billion. Press Release Distribution Service Another $45 billion would fund additional relief through the Federal Emergency Management Agency for local response efforts and community services.

US death toll passes 1,000

New York authorities mobilized to head off a public health disaster with the city's emergence as the nation's biggest coronavirus hot spot a warning flare — and perhaps a cautionary tale for the country.U.S. deaths from the pandemic topped 1,000 Wednesday night, according to Johns Hopkins University. Approximately 25 percent of those were in New York City.

Health officials in New York hunted down beds and equipment and put out a call for more doctors and nurses for fear the number of sick will overwhelm hospitals, as has happened in Italy and Spain.

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